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Related post: Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 11:35:56 -0700 (PDT) From: Jan None Subject: Pat an Older Lesbian (lesbian/adult youth, oral, dlldo, F/fff)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between a woman and teenage girls. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading, pleasure, or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them on katharine mcphee bikini pics your own site, please contact the author for permission.Copyright 2010 Jan, All rights reservedPlease mail to if you have any suggestions for future stories. Pat an Older lesbian By Jan and Michelle This story is about Pat, a self free cp xxx proclaimed dyke lesbian based on the interview conducted by her friend Michelle. It was June 3rd 1950 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada when Pat, was born. I will soon be 61-years- old, and I am a proud lesbian. I classify myself as a femme type of dyke, and present myself publicly as a straight woman, but 0nline cp vids sometimes that has worked against me, because I still have to fend off advances from men. I resent that and it frustrates me to say the least! I was brought up in a strict Catholic family, the youngest of three siblings. I had two older brothers that were 12 and 10 years older than me respectively. Being that much younger than them meant that I was raised almost like an only child. I remember that when I was as young as six, I was attracted to their girlfriends. I thought they were beautiful, and I felt a stirring inside me. I was not aware of any sexual feelings at that cp videos xxx tender age of course, but I had warm and fuzzy feelings being around them. I was mesmerized by them when they took the time to play with me and my dolls collection, that way I could be close to them, and it just seemed so natural for me to be around them. By the time I was in middle school my brothers were both off doing their own things with their friends. I was really intrigued as a girl when free cp art pics they brought home their girlfriends for a visit. I could never relate to my brothers cp company video porno on any level. I suppose that I was being oriented towards girls, but I was unaware of sex as a young girl. I just felt as ease in the company of older girls. I would have never suspected at that age that I would be kissing and doing all of the lovely and wonderful things we do with each other. I just felt a natural attraction to females. I never related to males. My father was the really strict religious member of our family. He had a very narrow right or wrong mentality, elite cp preeten which alienated him from me. He was the one that would blow up whenever anything happened outside of his religious beliefs. When he found out that his only daughter was not going to marry and have a slew of children as prescribed by the church, and that I was living in sin, by the eyes of the church, he reacted violently. He disowned me. I still love my dad, of course, but he never nymph cp accepted my lifestyle. As for my religious beliefs today, I'm more spiritual than religious. I'm comfortable with that. All recognized religions proclaim that my lifestyle is a sin, and I'm doomed to suffer in the afterlife. Why would I want to identify myself with anyone that tells me that I'm going to hell? My mother was a little more liberal in her religious beliefs. She was wonderful and accepted that I was a lesbian. She said, "As long as you are happy, so am I!" Both of them have passed on. My older brother has also passed away. Both of my brothers accepted me the way I am. I was just their baby sister. I never hid my sexual preference from them, and the cp pron younger brother and I are still very close. I never flaunted my relationship with my girlfriends when we were in the presence of my family. I never do anything sexual in front of them. I don't even my cp kdz pics kiss or feel up a girlfriend in front of them. I feel like there is a time and place for everything. I am somewhat of a private person when it comes to my sexual activity with my girlfriends. The first time I had sex with another girl was when I was 11-years-old. It took place at school. While we were secluded from view I fingered her pussy. That was as far as it went. It wasn't until I was 13-years-old that I licked out my first pussy. Then I mounted her and rubbed my pussy against hers. I have to say that I had one of my strongest orgasms that day. That girl and I got together and fucked like rabbits for several months, which was an amazing experience. No one actually witnessed us doing anything, but we were known around school as "THE TWO DYKES" that was fine with me, because I was starting to seduce other girls. Those girls that were curious about lesbian sex, but wanted to keep it secret from cp lagoon porn everyone would approach me in private to make a date with me to fuck them. Of course I was happy to oblige them. If I didn't have a place to take them, they free cp lollita pics would invite me to their homes, after arranging to be alone. Every girl I sucked off and rubbed pussies with loved it, and so did I. I became the main dyke at school. I was fucking a lot of girls at school in secret. Very few of them ever let on that loltas cp I was having sex cp kids paradise with them. It amused me that the boys had no idea how many of the so called straight girls I lollitas cp had fucked many times. It was wonderful for me too, because these girls didn't want anyone knowing that I was fucking them, I didn't have to wine and dine them, like their boyfriends, cp fuck pic to get into their pants. They just wanted to have sex with me in secret. I guess there was a little resentment, because they never acknowledged me publicly. I would have liked at least one of the popular girls to have proclaimed their friendship with me, if not their love for me. Just the same, I illegal sex cp relished the power over them because these girls could not be mean to me for fear that I would expose them. You could hot pics cp say I more or less owned them. After college porn cp kids fuck I became involved with the television and film industry for years, working in the wardrobe and makeup department. Within the industry there are a lot of gays and lesbians. I could actually come out, and not be rejected. No one within the industry criticized my proclivity to have sex with teenage girls. It reminds me of the old Maurice Chevalier song "THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS," it is one of my favorites. From the time of my graduation from school, I found that I had a strong attraction to school girls, mostly of legal age. I might add! I have always been attracted to teenage girls and ethnicities, but at my age I am still strongly attracted to young girls, and that is how it has always been for me. They are so much fun...I love bestiality cp pics giggly girls, and the way they laugh. I find that so sexy, and I love the firm young bodies, the firm young tits that stand up so proudly, their firm round asses, and their supple skin and of course their soft baby cunt curls and tight pussies...sigh!!! I can never get enough of those sweet young pussies. The older I get, the hornier I'm getting, which pleases me no end. I can honestly say that I was getting far more pussy when I was in my twenties and thirties. They were different girls than I'm getting now. However in my forties and fifties I was still getting enough pussy to keep my restless cunt happy. I can say that as I got older, and the more experience I honed my seduction techniques. I never have to do without for very long, so I can't complain! I have had a very satisfying sex life. I'm not prejudiced at all. I do prefer to go with Caucasian teenagers, but I have slept with many different types and colours. I've seduced quite a few Asian babes from China and Japan. You just have to love those China dolls and Geisha girls. I have had a geisha girl or two in my time. I just loved those dark skinned girls from southern India. They are almost as hot in bed as the Middle Eastern Muslim dark eyed girls. But when it comes to physical uninhibited sex nothing beats black girls. I have had black girls from Samoa, Gold Cost of Africa, and the deep south of the United States. I have seduced Latina migrant farm worker girls. You can safely say free nude cp galleries I love all young girls, and taking babes from different cultures to bed is very satisfying girls moan a lot...which I just love! I have also fucked East European girls...some of them are incredibly sexy. Oh! There have been a few situations that were dicey. One time when I was about 48-years-old, and visiting a friend, I cp free movies had to use the bathroom. I heard a knock at the front door. My friend answered it, and free cp fuck pics I heard voices. I guess they were just passing by and dropped in. Anyway, I took my time in the bathroom, when I came out to join the others. As I opened the door I saw this young sweetie standing alone in the room opposite the bathroom. The rest of the people were in the living room, so I thought I would rather talk to her than the boring older people. She was a hot looking girl. She was standing there looking at the photographs displayed on the hall walls. cp i am fool I approached her, and introduced myself. FUCK...she was gorgeous and kind of dark and slutty looking. She was dressed provocatively, skirt too short for modesty, blouse too tight, and open enough to show off her red bra. The smirk on her face advertised that she was a nasty girl. The others were busy talking in the other room, so I decided to take a chance with her. I was feeling horny as hell, so I started to use my usual flirtatious gambit to get her out of her panties. In no time I had my fingers inside her panties. I was fingering her real good, and I told her that we should go some place where I could eat her pussy and fuck her properly. I free cp gratis was still pumping her cunt with my fingers when the fucking door opened and all of the others walked in! At least her back was to them. I pulled my hand out of her panties quickly, the girl's face was red and she was breathing hard. She quickly turned her body towards the wall, as if she were studying one of the photographs on the wall. I don't think anyone suspected what I had been doing to her. Anyway no one mentioned the subject. About three hours later she slipped me a slip of paper with her cell phone number written on it. We made arrangements to meet at the local mall, and then I brought her home. I delighted in undressing her in my bedroom before making love to her. She had those youthful breasts that need no support. The cones were capped by lovely pink areolas. Her nipples begged to be sucked! She cp pink pearl had a freshly shaved vulva, with just a little trimmed landing strip above her pussy. She had that sweet smell of youth. I loved the taste of her pussy. I ate her pussy until she had a hair pulling climax on my face. She had no more recovered from that, than I both finger fucked her and introduced her to one of my favorite dildos. She spent the whole evening with me. She turned out to be very receptive to lavishing the same love on me. It was difficult for me to return her to her family. There was a time when I actually got caught seducing a young teenager, but it worked out okay. I was at the home of other friends, when I was 50-years-old. The family was planning for an evening out, and was awaiting the arrival of a babysitter. Apparently the daughter of a neighbor acted as a babysitter for the neighborhood. I was curious to see this girl, and made an excuse to stay, so that I could meet this girl and check her out. She did arrive early, which helped and she was delectable. GAWD...she was sixteen, with long varying shades of blonde hair, a beautiful innocent looking face. Her breasts were practically bursting out of the tight T-shirt, just inviting me to indulge myself with them. Her shorts were made of cutoff jeans, that showed off her tight young ass, beautiful...the sight of her was enough to make me weak kneed. It was my intention to come back later and seduce her, so I made my apologies and departed. I went home to take a quick shower, and change clothes. I selected a strap-on dildo and lubricant, before timing my return to the home of my friends after I was sure that the teenager had put the children to bed, and hopefully they would be asleep. 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There has always been a great deal of young girls around, and to be honest I got involved with the costume and makeup department of the TV and film industry because of the access to angels tgp cp willing young teenagers. I do enjoy my work, but maybe I wouldn't be in it, if there weren't all the extracurricular benefits. I have had stage mothers practically force their teenage daughters on me, with hopes that I can advance their daughter's career Even my boss is also a dyke, who has been with her partner for years, but she is a friend that knows and understands my desires for young pussy, and I have not made it a secret from her. As long as scheduling is not affected, she turns a blind eye to my taking care of my personal desires with girls at work. She is a sweetie, and I keep it discreet, so our relationship works well. The job has given me a decent income and a very full sex life over the years, so I can't complain. Sometimes I have to work for my pussy and it is so much fun doing so, working on my seduction techniques. There are always sexy girls around and lots of them, it's like being in a candy store. There are horny young actresses and young interns within the industry, even some well known actresses. There are some lesbian big named actresses, but I would never defame their character real cp kds or reveal if any of them are attracted to young girls. I can say there are plenty, and there are some very well known actresses that are pin up sex pots that you would be surprised if you knew were true pedophiles. One is an academy award winner, who is in a fake marriage to hide the fact that when she signs a contract for a movie, she insists that there is a clause in it, that the film company supply enough young pussy for her when she is on the set, waiting for her in her trailer. When she gets horny, production stops, while she retreats to her trailer, to satisfy her lust for young pussy. I can't condemn her...I would do the same if I had that kind of power. There are lots of dykes in my industry, and just as many gay videos cp porn men, that also like young boys. So why should we lesbians miss out on the fun with girls too? In my case, I have my own office at work, where I have a desk, chairs and a six foot cartoon sex cp girls couch. My office is there purely for my sexual gratification. It is situated in a secluded location of the building, so it is quite private. One day I arrived at work and noticed three gorgeous young ladies waiting at the door. They were local school girls that had caught my attention, especially a fucking sexy blonde. As I walked past them I said, "Good morning girls!" They said, "Good morning!" back to me in unison as I entered the building. I couldn't help myself looking back at them, and gave them a warm smile. It made my day, seeing those hot sweeties at the start of my morning. They were back at the door the next day, we exchanged greetings again. The very next day they were there again, this time I said, "We have to stop meeting like this!" They laughed at my comment. All three of them were sexy, but I was particularly attracted to the blonde that had such long and curly hair, big kissable lips, and huge tits. On the fourth day I stopped to talk to them. I videos cp forum free asked, "Why are you girls out here every morning?" The blonde spoke for the other two, "We want to be actresses! We are hoping for an audition or interview with someone from the company, but we haven't had any luck yet...can you help us?" I thought here is an opportunity! "Well yes! I can't guarantee I can get you an audition or an interview, but I can try to talk to a few people." Their faces lit up, the blonde said, "Please, do that for us!" Then I heard the magic words. They all said and agreed that they would do anything if I could help them." "Anything?" I asked. 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